Welcome to Kopper Chemical Industry Corp., Ltd. Mextral, a global famous brand! Supplier of Fortune 500
Solvent Extraction Reagents

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Metal Solvent Extraction Technology

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Do The Most Professional Metal Solvent Extraction Technology

Our Goal

Provide Global Customers With The Most Healthy Solvent Extraction Reagents And Technology

Our Mission

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KopperChem is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and systems engineering services. Its products and services spread world wide, with offices and branches in Hong Kong, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Zambia, Congo, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, India, Iran and other regions and countries.

KopperChem is a professional manufacturer of solvent extraction reagents and flotation reagents, provides the most complete series of Mextral? solvent extraction reagents, Flotilla? flotation reagents and other mining chemicals. KopperChem implements a low-cost operation strategy, which greatly guarantees the ...

KopperChem Engineering Research Center is dedicated to the research, production and application of solvent extraction reagents and flotation reagents, solvent extraction technology, mineral flotation technology and so on, provides a series of services including mining chemicals, L-SX-EW process, flotation process, engineering consultation, engineering design, EPC, technology research and development, plant operations, on-site technical support, development of investment projects in related fields, etc.. The main business areas involve nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, rare earths and precious metals, etc. According to the customer's resource conditions and requirements, we can put forward economic and reasonable production suggestions, product plans and complete enterprise engineering design and guide customers' commissioning and other services.

KopperChem Engineering Research Center is comprised of six labs including leaching lab , electrowinning lab , solvent extraction lab, formulation lab, mineral flotation lab and engineering design lab; equipped with the domestic unique extractant standard performance test device and extraction pilot mixer-settler , ex...


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Welcome you to meet us at IMPC2018

IMPC2018,the International Mineral Processing Congress 2018 will be held at the ...

Meet with KopperChem at EXTRACTION 2018

EXTRACTION 2018 will be held 25-30 August in Ottawa, Canada, it is the industry’...

Welcome you to meet us at Copper Cobalt ...

The Copper Cobalt Africa 2018 conference is one of the most important annual met...

Welcome you to meet us at Hydroprocess 2...

The Hydroprocess 2018 conference is one of the most important annual metallurgic...

Meet with KopperChem at ALTA 2018

ALTA conferences are one of the world’s premier annual metallurgical events. ALT...


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Performance Testing

Engineering Design


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